Zokrath is passionate about being involved in the implementation of technology solutions to address the problems of today’s world. Zokrath is a strong advocate of building and maintaining ecosystems instead of simply using a one-time solution.

With over 10 years of experience in designing and developing web solutions for companies, he has seen too many businesses spend precious resources on unnecessary software. He has since transitioned into a consulting role where he helps companies find and acquire software that truly solve business needs.

He has a strong understanding of business processes and makes creative use of existing technologies out there to improve business operations. Where necessary, he is also able to design and develop the solutions himself, even if it means to create new technologies.

Business Processes
Design & Development


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Enterprise Software
Businesses are constantly looking for software to improve productivity. However, without a proper foundation and a deep understanding of the technologies available, it is extremely hard to attain the desired results. The key is to find the best-fit solution, at a reasonable cost.
Web & Digital Optimisation
When building a website, the key points to focus on are aesthetics, content, functionality, and usability. After the website is published, the focus shifts to customer engagement and data analytics. The key is to strike a balance amongst the focus areas in an iteration process.
Mobile Apps Development
Having a mobile app doesn't necessarily mean it will grow a business. With the increase in mobile penetration around the world, businesses are hopping onto the bandwagon without fully understanding the know-how's. The key is to identify the core objectives & functionalities of a mobile app.

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